NailsCatsMore Introductory Post

I’ve had anonymous blogs, but this is probably my first public one. I have a private Instagram account I use to document designs I paint on my nails, my attempts at cooking, and share a lot of pictures of my cats. I’ve been thinking that these pictures don’t need to be kept private amongst the others I prefer to be, and so I’ve created this public blog. Here’s what to expect:

Nails Designs
I paint my nails about once a week and usually add some sort of design to them. Most of the designs are my own creation, but sometimes I use someone else’s idea or a tutorial to replicate it. I will credit and source those creative people when necessary. If you recognize any nail art I called my own, please keep in mind it’s pure coincidence it exists elsewhere.

I have two cats named Galaxy (orange tabby) and Gimel (grey tabby.) They’re very photogenic (especially Gimel) so I wind up taking a lot of pictures of them. I’ll be posting the cute, funny, and artistic pictures of them in-between my weekly nail designs.

From time to time I make attempts at cooking. I’m still pretty new to the world away from microwavable dinners and ordering in, so I document all my attempts. Once in a while the experiments are all my own, but I usually find recipes on Pinterest and will share them/give credit where deserved. In addition to that I sometimes take pictures of everything else in the world, find funny/interesting things on the internet, or like to share my opinion/ideas on things. These kinds of posts seem to be inevitable, and great for in-between filler on days when my nails aren’t painted, my cats do nothing of interest, and I’ve ordered in -But the details will be limited as I’m keeping this public. Don’t expect many of my deep thoughts, feelings, and very controversial or personal encounters with the world to be exposed here.

And feel free to share anything I post here, but please give me credit for anything that is my own!


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