Cats #38: Pondering Pose

Here is a cute Instagram picture I took of Gimel pondering things in life, last weekend.


Nails #15: Dotted Sparkle

This week my nails look a lot better in person than in the picture above. Yet again these were a mistake covering a mistake, covering an idea that didn’t work, but I still like how they came out. In person they’re actually a dark purple/blue with an airbrushed-looking silver sort of sheen over them. They kind of remind me of snow or at least definitely a wintery-look. I wound up painting them the dark color, using a cosmetic sponge to blot the silver/shimmery color over them, then dipped a pencil point into the same dark color and put some random dots all over. Nail Polish: Maybelline Express Finish Advanced Wear Base & Top Coat, Sinful Colors Out Of This World, Sinful Colors Mesmerize.

Cats #37: Ketchup Face

So, last week I noticed some ketchup was dried at the top of the ketchup bottle and I thought if I squeezed it just a little bit I could get rid of it, before squeezing some out onto my plate…Yeah, it shot out, across the table and onto Gimel’s face. I couldn’t stop laughing and took a picture before cleaning it all up. Gimel was not amused. That’ll teach her not to peer over the edge of the table when I’m eating!

Cats #36: Caption Needed

I really like this picture of Gimel that I took on Sunday. It’s a funny expression that needs a caption: Leave one in a comment!

Cats #35: Pretend Dog

The day before yesterday Galaxy posed as a dog, panting with his paw up. Or you know, it just looks that way in the picture when I caught him at that moment =P

Cats #34: Mostly In Box

This is how I came home from work to find Gimel a couple of weeks ago. No, she’s not in motion, getting into the box, she gave up mid-way and decided to sit in it like this.

Cats #33: In A Drawer

When I decided to reorganize my clothes a couple of months ago, Galaxy found this drawer about 30 seconds after I’d emptied it. I wonder what my life would be like if I got what cats got out of being in boxes/small contained spaces.