Cats #41: Bedtime

I took this Instagram picture last night. Galaxy often sleeps holding Gimel.


Cats #40: Gimel Cleaning Galaxy’s Head

Here’s another Instagram picture from some months ago of Gimel cleaning Galaxy’s head.

Cats #39: Together

Here’s another old one of Galaxy and Gimel posed together about 6 months or so ago.

Cats #38: Pondering Pose

Here is a cute Instagram picture I took of Gimel pondering things in life, last weekend.

Cats #36: Caption Needed

I really like this picture of Gimel that I took on Sunday. It’s a funny expression that needs a caption: Leave one in a comment!

Cats #20: Galaxy Kissing Gimel

Here is an Instagram picture I took a few months ago of Galaxy cleaning Gimel’s face.

Cats #19: Band CD Cover

I always thought that if my cats ever started a band, this Instagram picture would be on the cover of their CD. (Because you know, sometimes cats are in bands.) Gimel was of course still a kitten in this picture, taken earlier this year.