Cats #40: Gimel Cleaning Galaxy’s Head

Here’s another Instagram picture from some months ago of Gimel cleaning Galaxy’s head.


Cats #18: Galaxy Hugging Gimel

Here’s an Instagram picture I took from when Gimel was more kitten-small, earlier this year. Yep, my cats hug, kiss, cuddle, and clean each other constantly. Adorable-overload-stuff…

Cats #15: Gimel In Galaxy Arms

Here’s an old Instagram picture I took when Gimel was a little smaller. She often cuddles with Galaxy when he’s cleaning her.

Cats #10: Gimel Kissing Galaxy

Gimel (grey tabby) and Galaxy (orange tabby) have come a long way since their uncertainty when I first introduced the two. Here we have one of many pictures of Gimel kissing Galaxy which I Instagram-ed a few months ago.