Nails #16: Dotted Diagonals

This week’s pattern wasn’t one of my original ideas. I found the idea on Pinterest, which originated from this link. I painted half my nails in the lighter color, half in the darker color, and then used a pencil dipped in nail polish to add the dotted pattern. Some nails came out better than others. Nail Polish: Maybelline Express Finish Advanced Wear Base & Top Coat, Sinful Colors Nova, Sinful Colors (Label Missing: Unknown Name.)


Nails #15: Dotted Sparkle

This week my nails look a lot better in person than in the picture above. Yet again these were a mistake covering a mistake, covering an idea that didn’t work, but I still like how they came out. In person they’re actually a dark purple/blue with an airbrushed-looking silver sort of sheen over them. They kind of remind me of snow or at least definitely a wintery-look. I wound up painting them the dark color, using a cosmetic sponge to blot the silver/shimmery color over them, then dipped a pencil point into the same dark color and put some random dots all over. Nail Polish: Maybelline Express Finish Advanced Wear Base & Top Coat, Sinful Colors Out Of This World, Sinful Colors Mesmerize.

Nails #14: Blue Marble

This week was originally going to be something entirely different, but after messing it up the first time I decided to just turn it into this blue marbleized design. It kind of reminds me of some types of jeans. After my clear base coat, I did a couple of coats of white, then just blotted three different blues over it with a cosmetic sponge, and covered it with a clear coat. Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus Base + Top Coat, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Sinful Colors Rain Storm, Sinful Colors Midnight Blue, Sinful Colors Fly Away.

Nails #6: Dotted French Manicure

Here we have another simple design I did a few months ago. I think it’s more interesting than a regular French Manicure style and the dots kind of remind me of pearls. I used a pencil to make the dots again. Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Clear, Sinful Colors Fig, Sinful Colors Snow Me White.

Nails #5: Simple Dot Pattern

About a month ago I did this simple design two different weeks. I just inverted the colors the second week to keep my toes matching, without having to redo them. I used a pencil to paint the dots. Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Age Correct No Chip Base & Top Coat, Nerds Grape Scented Nail Polish (Replaces Sinful Colors Let’s Talk in top photo), Sinful Colors Innocent.

Nails #2: Pieces

This is how my nails were painted a few weeks ago, with toes done to match. This may look similar to others designs, but it is one of my own, based off of a detailed doodle I often draw on post-its. I drew the pattern randomly with a black Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen. Nail Polish: Sally Hanson Maximum Growth Plus Base & Top Coat, Sinful Colors Easy Going.

Nail Art #1: Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails
This is what my nails look like this week. Why? The stars, outer space, and galaxies are awesome. -Plus one of my cats is named Galaxy, how is this not so me?
Nail Polish: Sally Hanson Maximum Growth Plus Base + Top Coat, Wet’n’Wild 415A Denim Chrome, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Sinful Colors Boom Boom, Sinful Colors Super Star. I used a cosmetic sponge as in the tutorial and a pencil instead of a nail dotter. Though I painted them on my own, I used this tutorial as a guide: