Cats #44: Gimel Before My Trip

This Instagram of Gimel on a throw on my suitcase was taken a few days ago. Onto my vacation I go!
(The lack of recent posts has been due to a combination of reasons including painting my nails a solid color or a repeat design a few weeks in a row. After my vacation and some apartment hunting you can expect regular posts again in 2014.)


Cats #43: Sunlight

I took this Instagram picture of Gimel a couple of months ago. She was really happy to be in the sun and reached her arms out into it.

Cats #38: Pondering Pose

Here is a cute Instagram picture I took of Gimel pondering things in life, last weekend.

Cats #36: Caption Needed

I really like this picture of Gimel that I took on Sunday. It’s a funny expression that needs a caption: Leave one in a comment!

Cats #31: Using My Laptop

399067_10150756136293480_1948740284_n 576620_10150756136243480_950002911_n
You know that awkward moment when you catch your cat using your laptop to browse the internet in the middle of the night? I caught Galaxy in these pictures a few months ago. Happens all the time…

Cats #16: Galaxy Loving Gimel

These are Instagram pictures I took of Galaxy and Gimel last month. They’re often cleaning each other and Galaxy decided it would be a good idea to clean Gimel’s face while she was trying to sleep.

Cats #9: PomPom

Gimel is obsessed with craft pompoms. She growls if Galaxy comes near her while she has one (though he could care less about them) and runs around the house like she’s on catnip when she comes across one. This is a picture of her as a kitten, rescuing one from a decretive arch at the bottom of my desk. She squeezed under and I snapped a picture of her as she popped her head back out upon retrieval.