Cats #40: Gimel Cleaning Galaxy’s Head

Here’s another Instagram picture from some months ago of Gimel cleaning Galaxy’s head.


Cats #39: Together

Here’s another old one of Galaxy and Gimel posed together about 6 months or so ago.

Cats #35: Pretend Dog

The day before yesterday Galaxy posed as a dog, panting with his paw up. Or you know, it just looks that way in the picture when I caught him at that moment =P

Cats #33: In A Drawer

When I decided to reorganize my clothes a couple of months ago, Galaxy found this drawer about 30 seconds after I’d emptied it. I wonder what my life would be like if I got what cats got out of being in boxes/small contained spaces.

Cats #31: Using My Laptop

399067_10150756136293480_1948740284_n 576620_10150756136243480_950002911_n
You know that awkward moment when you catch your cat using your laptop to browse the internet in the middle of the night? I caught Galaxy in these pictures a few months ago. Happens all the time…

Cats #30: Mohawk

Then there was that time I once gave Galaxy a Mohawk. (Sort of.) Here he is with it with his “Badass” face on. …I spilled some juice or something on his head and it gave him sort of a cowlick, so I had this idea of putting a little kids hair gel (easy to wash out/non-toxic) on top. He loved it, really…All 5 minutes it lasted for the pictures.

Cats #29: Surprised Galaxy

My friends on FaceBook are calling today National Cat Day. This is Galaxy’s reaction. (Okay, this was actually taken a few months ago, but its still a funny expression.)