Cats #40: Gimel Cleaning Galaxy’s Head

Here’s another Instagram picture from some months ago of Gimel cleaning Galaxy’s head.


Cats #32: Up, Up, & Away!

This is Gimel in her superhero pose, taking off into the sunlight. “Up, Up, & Away!” I took this Instagram picture of her a couple of months ago.

Cats #25: Gimel Tease

Today is Gimel’s 1st birthday. Here she is when she was smaller teasing the camera with her tongue out, next to Galaxy.

Cats #23: Toilet Draped W/ Cat

This is another Instagram picture I took earlier this year when I found Gimel taking a sun-bath on the toilet.

Cats #22: Bath Time

I decided to go backwards again for today’s dose of cats. As you can tell Gimel’s a kitten in this Instagram picture I took earlier this year. She often sits by Galaxy when she decides it’s time for a bath. He usually gets the message.

Cats #21: Gimel Steals Laptop

This is an Instagram picture I took a couple of weeks ago showing that Gimel is clearly the one guilty of stealing my laptop.

Cats #20: Galaxy Kissing Gimel

Here is an Instagram picture I took a few months ago of Galaxy cleaning Gimel’s face.