Cats #43: Sunlight

I took this Instagram picture of Gimel a couple of months ago. She was really happy to be in the sun and reached her arms out into it.


Cats #16: Galaxy Loving Gimel

These are Instagram pictures I took of Galaxy and Gimel last month. They’re often cleaning each other and Galaxy decided it would be a good idea to clean Gimel’s face while she was trying to sleep.

Cats #15: Gimel In Galaxy Arms

Here’s an old Instagram picture I took when Gimel was a little smaller. She often cuddles with Galaxy when he’s cleaning her.

Cats #12: Gimel Spayed

When Gimel was spayed earlier this year Galaxy took some time to get used to her cone. Once she came home from the operation the first couple of days Galaxy acted as if he’d never seen her before. He didn’t recognize her smell or the cone on her head and there was a lot of growling and hissing. She’d try to rub against him and he’d resist. Eventually she grew on him all over again and that’s when I snapped this Instagram picture.