Cats #44: Gimel Before My Trip

This Instagram of Gimel on a throw on my suitcase was taken a few days ago. Onto my vacation I go!
(The lack of recent posts has been due to a combination of reasons including painting my nails a solid color or a repeat design a few weeks in a row. After my vacation and some apartment hunting you can expect regular posts again in 2014.)


Cats #43: Sunlight

I took this Instagram picture of Gimel a couple of months ago. She was really happy to be in the sun and reached her arms out into it.

Cat’s #42: Gimel’s Nose

Here’s an Instagram close-up I took of Gimel a couple of weeks ago. I always liked this coloring on cats noses.

Cats #41: Bedtime

I took this Instagram picture last night. Galaxy often sleeps holding Gimel.

Cats #40: Gimel Cleaning Galaxy’s Head

Here’s another Instagram picture from some months ago of Gimel cleaning Galaxy’s head.

Cats #39: Together

Here’s another old one of Galaxy and Gimel posed together about 6 months or so ago.

Cats #38: Pondering Pose

Here is a cute Instagram picture I took of Gimel pondering things in life, last weekend.